Bad boys

So this morning was very interesting.  Once I got to work (about a 20-30 minute commute depending on traffic) I realized I had forgotten my wallet.  It took me an hour and a half to get to work today.  While that might be normal for those of you living in LA, it is not normal here, and it sucks. 

Also…as I was leaving my apartment at 8am, I noticed a Sherrif’s car in the parking lot.  Then I noticed a second cop car.  Then I noticed 4 police officers.  Then I noticed a scary looking skinhead (I’m positive I’ve seen him before) walking in handcuffs out of the next door apartment.

I thought I lived in a relatively safe place.  I only occasionally carry pepper-spray, and that’s just during raccoon season by the dumpsters.  I will now be carrying it with me wherever I go.

My theories on the arrest:
1) He’s an escaped sexual assault convict, living under the pseudonym “Unkie Lester”
2) He’s an arms and narcotics dealer with a penchant for Nazi culture
3) He’s working a ponzi scheme out of his 1br

Terrifying? Yes. 



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