The aftermath.

Jonathan was in town for 10 whole days!  That’s a crazy long time and it was absolutely wonderful.  I think we only had one bickering moment when we got lost in South Minneapolis, but other than that we did shockingly well.  I am the type of person that needs like 50% alone time (or more), so I was happily surprised when I didn’t want Jonathan to leave awwww *swoon*

Back to reality this week…and it’s just sort of been one of those weeks.  A huge project is due at the end of May, so I’m working at break-neck speed every day.  I have been feeling pretty sick all week, like sick enough to need to go to the doctor next week.  I can’t stop spending money.  Dishes pile up no matter how many times I do them a day (mostly cause I can’t stop cooking as a stress-release).  I haven’t been up to date in my ½ marathon training because of the sickness. Etc.  Miserable.

 Why is there no happy medium?  Hopefully this weekend will be that medium.  I have relatively little going on.  Plenty of time to catch up on work and rest up.  Lots of tv of course. 😉

And that’s where I am in the world.

Where are you?



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