Easiest dinner ever

This dinner is beyond easy and is still passable as an impressive meal.  Those are my favorite when I’m cooking for myself on busy weeknights, because I really love tasty food, but I definitely don’t always have time or energy to cook.
I call it Krab Linguini!

First, boil your pasta.  So eaaaaaaaaaasy haha

Then bust out your krab with a K.  I find this to be delicious enough for me.  Plus, the pink-orange dye on the outside of the white meat kinda fools my taste buds.

I prefer the “leg-style” because that somehow feels more natural?

Mmmm…craaaaaaaaab. I mean, Kraaaaaaaaab.  See?  Confusing!

If you are feeling especially ambitious, go ahead and roast some broccoli in the oven.  (broccoli drizzled in olive oil, with a sprinkle of salt and pepper).

Still boiling…

 After the pasta is al dente, I add garlic powder, olive oil, roasted garlic, Krab, and parm.  Done!

What are your super easy super fast dinner recipes?


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