A step up from the double down

(Guest post from Katie)

M and Kat put a lot of energy into describing their new
strategies for eating better and adventures in cooking at home. Since
M is on hiatus, I believe some balance is in order. Something to
represent the other side of the culinary spectrum.

I absolutely love Arby’s chicken, bacon & swiss sandwich. It is
terrific. The chicken is substantial and always juicy and hot (not
warm). The bacon provides needed texture and flavor. And the swiss
helps it all go down easily. Instant satisfaction.  While I do
occasionally crave a quick cheeseburger from McDonald’s for only $1,
the CB&S requires a little more effort and planning, since it is such
a complex sandwich and thus requires more time to appreciate the
quality. Also, there are fewer Arby’s than McDonald’s in this world,
making it even more satisfying.

There is an Arby’s across the street from my yoga studio. Since I am
also afflicted with the “hangry” emotion frequently, it would make
perfect sense to go straight from class at 6:30pm to the restaurant,
but I always forget to bring my wallet. One of these days I’ll

(I write this as I enjoy vanilla yogurt, blackberries, and a glass of
orange juice. I’m such a hypocrite.)



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