Run run run

I have been on a get fit journey (for way too long for me to acknowledge) and have decided to revamp my regular routine.  My friend Kat recently completed a 5K and suggested that we run a 1/2 marathon together in August.  Two years ago I attempted the 1/2 marathon, but only got up to 8 miles in my training due to lack of a buddy, lack of motivation, and serious boredom.
 I agreed to the 1/2 marathon, but that leaves me with 16 weeks to go from 1-3 mile running to 13+ miles!  I need to step up my game.  The race date is August 22, 2010!

I’m hoping this blog will help to keep me accountable, but the rest is up to me.  

Helpful running tools:
half marathon training schedule
The Non-runner’s Marathon Guide for Women
run mapping programs and trails

Any good pointers for me?  I’m uber nervous, but also pretty excited to get running again!


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