I’m in a long-distance relationship, so one of the ways we keep in touch is through “hongylinks” and “madelynks” (I realize we are cheesy, bear with me).  Anyway, it’s a list of links we have stumbled upon or found through various sources.  Usually there is no coherent reason to send them, only with a word or two attached.

As an homage to Jonathan, here are today’s (slightly modified for blog purposes) hongylinks:

Clean hair without ‘spensive products.  (I’ve been meaning to try this for months, but I’m totally terrified of the grease-phase that will no doubt hit like a hurricane)

Lots of youtubers covering GaGa and Beyonce.  I am obsessed with GaGa, so no related news goes unloved.

Woah!  Throwback Obamas!  Michelle has always been fierce.

Awesome octopus!

I love James Lipton.  (#3 with Carlos is my favorite)



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