Double the chicken=double the fun

Dearest Mr. and Mrs. Blog Reader,

May I present to you The Double Down.

Some bigwig at KFC had the genius idea of removing the bread of a classic fried chicken sandwich.  Well what happens then? You might ask.  Don’t all of the toppings fall off and ruin your clothes? Well this sonofabitch decided to add a SECOND fried chicken patty as the bun itself! 
I’m going to give you a moment to digest that…

The reality of the double down is a little less thrilling:

Folks, you get what you see…a whole lot of chicken. 

Let me just blow your minds by introducing The Devil himself…The GRILLED Double Down.
Google images of the grilled version of this sandwich do not exist, it is too frightening for the unprepared human eye.
Imagine two very plain piece of grilled chicken.  Now…eat them.  Welcome to the grilled double down.  Unreal.

The sandwich itself isn’t bad, and it only has 540 calories.  However, I would rather spend those 540 calories just about any other way.  We have to try these things once though, right?  Right?


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