My Brief Beef with Beef

I LOVE hamburgers.  I will probably never stop eating them (in moderation…sometimes in excess).  I don’t feel bad for the little cows that go off to slaughter, and I definitely don’t care if they mixed up crappy parts of the cow and mixed it in with the good stuff.  Burger is totally delicious.

However, I have a huge problem with the public and personal safety that has recently come into question with beef.  Let me fill you in on the reasons I’m contemplating greatly reducing or eliminating dining out on burgers…
Japan has been rejecting our beef for years because of Mad Cow Disease.  Mneh?  I find this to be a rare concern for the time being, but Mexico has recently rejected US beef as well!  MEXICO?!  Home of montezuma’s revenge?!

This is greatly disturbing to me.  I realize checking for safe levels of toxins in foods costs a lot of money, but perhaps health care costs would go down if we made a little effort in food safety.  Right?

It’s not all darkness and horror folks, Mark Bittman has a solution to e-coli and other health concerns!  While this is a bit excessive (I’m all about a quick burger), I might attempt to ease into my own burger making.  For the time being, I’ll be ordering whole cuts of meat.  Damn.



One thought on “My Brief Beef with Beef

  1. I am totally getting a meat grinder for my birthday. Like, seriously, grinding my own meat for burgers/sausage, etc. is one of my secret dreams.

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