Asian Influences

Hello all,
The delay in posting is due to the fact that I spent the last 3-4 days in LA with my lofly boyfriend, Jonathan.  If you haven’t seen pics…he’s Asian!

He is Chinese and for the most part neither one of us really notice that we are in a “mixed-race” relationship.  Even saying that seems old-fashioned.  However, he has introduced me to sooo many cultural differences that I would never have known about or discovered on my own. 
His extended family and immediate family all live together (if not in the same house, then very close by), and he speaks Chinese at home with them.  I’ve picked up a few words here and there…I can say “thank you” “delicious” “goodnight” “how are you” and various food names. 
I’ve learned about Chinese holidays, birth signs, jade, what is considered lucky and unlucky, marriage practices, and what’s not ok to give someone on their birthday (shoes). 
Jonathan’s dad even made homemade cha siu baau for my parents to try.  🙂

The greatest thing is that Jonathan has also exposed me to lots of other Asian cuisines and cultures.  If you’ll recall Shabu Shabu night.  I’ve also got a taste for sushi, Vietnamese beef dishes, and Korean bbq.

This post is all leading up to the grand finale…

Jonathan’s uncle picked me up something from the Korean market to diversify my cooking patterns:

 Red Pepper TUNA!!!  haha I’m totally terrified, but I’ll post the results of some sort of concoction with this stuff later this week.

Oh dear…

Wish me luck!



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