Summer Festivities

Summer fun is just around the corner, and I was inspired by a Yelp! talk post to create a list of my summer “must-dos”.  I’m sure this will be extended as time goes on.

-visit farmer’s markets on a regular basis
Brit’s rooftop bowling
-movie in the park
-I’m not sure what their event schedule is like, but check out the MN Roller Girls
Aquatennial events
Canterbury Park for cheap horse races
-attend the Taste of MN
-check out the Uptown Art Fair
-of course, the State Fair
-head to the Dakota Jazz Club for some yaz floot

For the past 4-6 months I have been heading a large project at work.  One that has forced me to work many many many nights and weekends.  But ALAS!  The first phase of the project is coming to a close…just in time for nice weather!  I am definitely going to work on getting my social life back haha.  Seriously, happy hour, dinner dates, and movie nights, were words that were long removed from my vocabulary.  I will be grateful to have them back for sure.

What are you doing this summer??


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