Feral Children

My work just sent around this e-mail (keep in mind that I do psychology research):

* A major cable network is looking to cast a 30’s – mid 40’s male
investigative journalist, anthropologist or psychologist to be the face
of a series that explores the fascinating but little-known world of
feral children. This person will go on a journey around the world
exploring and examining such unique stories, addressing the
psychological, sociological, and biological aspects, all the while
reaching out to each child with passion, knowledge, and sympathy. We are
looking for someone with a quizzical nature, an interest in human and
animal psychology and behavior, and an ability to interact with the
children and medical/scientific experts. Field experience and in-depth
investigative experience is strongly encouraged. Please contact Kelda
Deike at kelda.deike@dragonfly.tv ASAP
with a bio and picture or video clip and any appropriate information if
you’re interested in being considered. *

This made me curious, and lead me to here.

Then my boss told me a story of a girl raised by rats. She came to love them and would squeak back and forth with them. He said the cruel part wasn’t raising a child like that, but taking the girl away from her rats when she was discovered. All she has ever known in her social realm is the world of rats.

I will take this opportunity to post one of my favorite quotes:
“Homeschooling is totally inappropriate. It’s like raising feral children.”
…too true

Happy Friday!


Update: New website found


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