Oh make me over

Mhmm…I referenced a Courtney Love song in the title of this blog, deal with it.

Every six months I need to drastically redo my hair.
Every year or so I have to clean out all of my closests.
Every three years I need a full wardrobe makeover.

I don’t know if that makes me materialistic, or adventurous, or a normal human being. Whatever you want to call it, it makes me happy. And well folks, the three year mark is here. The time is now, to make me over.

I am regrowing out my hair, my closet is cleaned out of 8 bags of donated clothes, and the only thing left on the list is a new wardrobe.

I’m really in the mood for a sweet, but also slightly funky and artistic style (if that’s a style at all). I’ve been checking out the (chloe) conspiracy and Anthroholic for ideas. Since this needs to be a dirt-cheap makeover, I’ve hit up Target and two thrift stores. I think this Saturday will have to be a hardcore thrift raid, and the suburbs will definitely provide me with the most selection.

I’ve also contemplated making some homemade hair accessories…let’s pretend that’s not frightening.

I’d love some ideas of how to approach this, stores you love, or sites that can spawn my creativity. What do you do to revamp your style?


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