Pizza Party!

If you read my mac n cheese post, you know that I like taking food and making it on repeat until I perfect the recipe. I have officially perfected mac n cheese (there is no standard recipe…at this point I just go by feel).
My newest pet project is pizza. I was never too nervous about how tasty my pizzas would be, because bad pizza is still good pizza. Well folks, my pizza is (pardon my french) fucking fantastic! It was seriously unbelievably good.

I used this crust recipe, but the rest was just straight from my noggin.
Anything that calls for yeast makes me really nervous, because I am notoriously bad at making bread-like products. However, this was easy peasy and worked like a charm.

You just toss the ingredients together and let it sit for 10 minutes…that’s all!

Then sprinkle your pan with cornmeal. I wasn’t sure if this would be worth the fuss, but the cornmeal added a really great restaurant quality crust. In hindsight, I might have put a little too much on my pan haha oh well.
I browned a bit of spicy Italian sausage mmmm…

Then it was time for the assembly!
I included:
-layer of goat cheese (oh my god, yes)
-sundried tomatoes
-shaved red onion slices
-the snosage
-pepperonis (next time I would get spicy or some other Italian meat. this did not stick out in the mix of things)
-layer of fresh mozzarella cheese

The Blue Moon is not a topping, but rather, a necessary pizza making element. I highly recommend the Full Moon Winter Ale.

Pop that sucker in the oven for 30 minutes or so and…

Holy moly was this amazing! I want my next pizza to include fried eggs and prosciutto. 🙂



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