Bye bye Hollywood

I NEED to catch up on Dexter, this is just a fact of life. So I strolled by the Hollywood video by my work: CLOSED. Whatevs, college kids either drink or study too hard to rent movies anyway. Then tonight I thought I’d try the movie store by my house: Store CLOSING! Everything must go!

I chatted up the snaggle-tooth salesman long enough to find out that Hollywood Video in Minnesota is a thing of the past. Duluth might have a store open for a bit longer, but that’s it. Then I asked if Blockbuster is pretty much the only video store left. His reply? “Not for much longer…9 of their locations have closed too.”

I am not terribly surprised by this because we live in a world where you can Netflix, Redbox, or thieve any movie you care to watch. One thing I can’t figure out is how to rent television series.

I don’t know about you, but when I am watching a tv show, I like to rent it and watch it marathon-style until my eyes bug out of my head. As far as I know, Redbox doesn’t have tv rentals and Netflix only allows for 1 disc at a time (if you are on the cheapo plan like me). Most discs have 3-ish episodes on them…that is just NOT enough!

Without movie stores, I am forced to either buy the tv series or reduce myself to stealing. Do I up my monthly Netflix payments for the sole purpose of television rentals? Or do I spend mucho cash on series that I really love? Or do I give up my scruples and just steal, steal, steal?

I guess only time will tell.



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