Icky Cooties!

About a month ago, my roommate applied for a job, was interviewed on a Wednesday, accepted the job on Friday, and moved to Colorado on that Saturday. I had too much crap going on in my personal life to really notice that a whirlwind was happening in the room right next door!

This is her view on the way to work:

She’s doing creative marketing out in Estes Park, using tools like Groupon.com and Facebook. So at least I know her new life sucks and she totally misses Minnesota a TON.

Her brother moved in the same afternoon that she left. Totally insane.

I have never lived with a boy before and can’t say I wasn’t nervous about how things would work out. Truth is, he doesn’t stink or leave dirty socks around the apartment. He likes watching documentaries and drinking beer, making it very easy for me to do the same. Things are ultimately pleasant and I can say that I am fully prepared to live with boys in the future (something that has terrified me for years).

Next step: living on my own and living with a pet!



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