So I knew that there was a food and wine section in the NYT. I also knew that there was a section totally devoted to blogs. But I had never put two and two together and realized that Mark Bittman is the awesomest dude with the awesomest blog and the awesomest recipes. Fun fun fun!

My current favorite “foodie” blogs are:
(caveat: I say “foodie” with quotation marks because these people tend to not eat anything resembling real food. Mostly I visit these sites because they are ridiculous, but I secretly get inspired to be a skinny person)
Carrots ‘N’ Cake
Food, Fitness, Fashion
I thought I would share these just for giggles. For my real foodie sites, check out “The Internets” section.

Know of any other awesome NYTimes blogs? I need some fuel for my addiction to the New York Times.



One thought on “Bitten

  1. Hey, My name is Brandon and I run Famous Food Finder with my buddy Matt. Just wanted to give you a thanks for throwing out site in your listings. Keep checking back as we're about to add another 2-3 shows. Cheers,Brandon

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