I am a huge fan of documentaries. If they don’t provide me with any new knowledge, they tend to provide hilarious quotes from real people (I.e., “It’s like he’s retarded or somethin” -Grizzly Man).

They also highlight things I might not otherwise be tuned into. Take, for example The Cove. A horrifying portrait of the dolphin slayings happening in Taiji and all over Japan. I was absolutely shocked that this happens in real life. This wasn’t a movie about stupid stuff that happened 40 years ago. This was about today. 23,000 dolphins are stabbed until they bleed to death each year for the fish market. What?! That seems like a pretty big pile-o-dolphins.
I really can’t get over the things I saw in that movie. Totally and completely deserving of the Academy Award…by the way. The cinematography was pretty mind-blowing.

American Movie is another documentary that touched the core of my being. It’s a little bit lighter…basically follows a dude on a quest to “make it big” as a Hollywood horror film director/producer/actor/younameit. The stories told by his stoner best friend are the best I’ve ever heard in my life. I may or may not have peed a little bit (lotta bit) in my pants from laughing.

I would love any recommendations for other good ones!



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