Owner Complaint

Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m a huge sucker for Yelp! It’s a great site that allows anyone to review shops, restaurants, entertainment, etc. I am a Yelp reviewer, and as shameless and self-indulgent as that is I have fun critiquing restaurants and shops.

Today I received my first comment from an owner (which I assumed based on the comment and their other reviews). I was totally blown-away! Here’s how it all went down:

My original review

I usually trust Yelp to make all of my decisions for me, and rarely am I steered the wrong way. Muffuletta’s was one of those rare and horrible decisions.

Took a friend here for her birthday brunch. The very first thing I noticed was the complete lack of an ambiance. The walls were bare and it seemed like very little thought was put into the interior decorating. Whatever though, I was there for the food.

I really appreciated that the menu supported local farming. Yay!

I got the Croque Monsieur ham sammy and sweet potato fries (I also nibbled on my friend’s mac n cheese). The whole meal was just mneh. Better than Applebees, but worse than anything else for their price range.

We did get a free flourless chocolate cake for my friend’s birthday, and I can always appreciate free food. The cake was delicious, but it was served with some sort of cream that tasted like nothing more than sour cream. It was very bizarre.

I just wouldn’t come back because I can’t think of a single stand-out feature. I also expect wow factor at those prices. I would like to know what other reviewers find so charming? Really?

(pretty harsh review, but definitely deserving)

Their comment:

Hi, I just saw your post on Muffuletta and I really couldn’t disagree with you more. I hope you try it again! Also, don’t go for brunch, I did see that menu and it did look a little lack luster.

Also, before you go out and eat perhaps you should be a little more educated on food before you review it. The cream under your Bete Noir, was CREME FRAISE… which is a cultured cream (more or less sour cream).

My response:

Thanks for the criticism. I just figured since Yelp is a website for the people and by the people, that we don’t have to be food aficionados to review restaurants. I give every place a chance to impress me and my palate.

Also, if it is “more or less” sour cream, than I don’t really care if there is a fancy name for it…still tastes bizarre with my chocolate.

If you are the owner, sorry I didn’t enjoy your restaurant, I just have different tastes. Yelp is a community of people that share honest opinions. Saying that I need to be better educated on food defeats the purpose of this site.

Also, I should not have to have a Bachelor’s in Food Science to enjoy my dessert.


(maybe a bit petty and includes several grammatical errors)

Am I off-base in my thinking? Should I be more edumacated n’ stuff to write reviews on a users-based website like Yelp? I’m not claiming to be anyone special or to know any more than the average joe about food. I’m just a citizen declaring that Muffuletta’s tasted like garbage.

I feel like I need to get on a podium and speak out for all us little guys! Hear our voices, your food sucks! hrmmm…I think I’ll need a better chant if I’m gonna make it as a leader of a march for justice.



One thought on “Owner Complaint

  1. This post made me laugh! And I agree that you don't have to be educated in food to be able to write a good review on Yelp.

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