Man/Woman vs. Food

As a self-proclaimed foodie and advocate of foodporn, foodblogs, recipe exchanges, potlucks, etc., it seems only reasonable that I would love a show dedicated to watching a chubby dude stuff his face. In fact, it is more than reasonable, it is fabulous!
Man vs. Food takes the repulsive tradition of eating contests and glorifies it into a mouth-watering 30 minutes of hilarity. I dare you to watch it without drooling and gagging…all at the same wonderful time.

All that hot mess seems like it can’t be real and it certainly doesn’t happen to normal people. Well I am here to tell you, IT DOES!

A dear friend recently attempted this:

That’s a 12 ounce ball of dough for the bun, a massive amount of meat, tons of other burger toppings, 2 cups of rice and beans, 6 wings, and a beer in 30 minutes. I am impressed by the sheer fact that she was the only woman to compete out of 70 people. Wha wha wha?!? Insane and totally awesome.
She didn’t make it and she ended up puking a lot, but what I wouldn’t give to have witnessed that face-shoveling goodness.

My whole life I have been training for eating contests, but for me it’s more of a marathon instead of a race. As such, very few contests cater to my abilities. If you know of any contests that allot a lot of time, I am more than ready. Bring it on.



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