Falling off the wagon…

So, you may have noticed that there hasn’t been a “Week 3 of the Grocery Challenge”. Well, that’s cause I haven’t been grocery shopping! With my car recently towed and two plane tickets purchased, I was in no position to spend more then $8 per week for several weeks. Now that I’m all squared away and the paychecks are back in full swing, I thought I’d treat myself to a Lunds trip…boy was that a mistake! I spent 50 bucks on groceries that would have cost no more than 25-30 at Rainbow.
The amount of food that I purchased is actually quite pathetic:
-ingredients for turkey burgers and baked fries
-3 “on sale” lean cuisines
-breakfast cereal
-2 condiments

I will hereby be shopping with coupons at Rainbow on double coupon day. If you see me anywhere else tell me to get back on that wagon!


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