Olympics A-go-go

Hello All,

I thought I’d post on something of which I have little to no knowledge…THE Olympics!!!

The opening ceremony in our apartment was accompanied by a roudy group in costumes (catch pics of my gold medal costume on facebook…more like a gold warrior for America, but still). There was also some homemade woodchip booze, but I can’t say that it really improved the atmosphere.
Canada doesn’t have much of a culture, but the Native American dancers were pretty cool…despite the fact that they might have taken a few steps backward in terms of progressing away from racial stereotypes.
The Wayne-torch situation was just fabulous. What a standout guy to scald is face off in the flames of world unity!
In all of the hub-bub around my apartment, I missed out on the whale scene. Apparently this was the coolest thing that’s ever happened in the history of anything. Or so I’m told.

Despite my best efforts to watch THE Olympics this year, I have failed to catch anything but reruns. It is way less exhilarating to watch Shaun White hit the slopes and hear your friend pipe up, “Here’s where he wins the gold!” C’est la vie.

One thing I have enjoyed this Olympics is to pretend what it would be like if I had absolutely no fear of death. You bet your bum I’d be a ski jumper or skeleton racer.

Cheers USA!



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