Shabu Shabu

After several trips to LA and experiencing their Asian cuisine, I’ve been terribly depressed that Minneapolis doesn’t share their affinity for hotpot and shabu shabu. As such, I decided to invite a few friends over to test out some homemade Japanese dindin. Turns out that’s way harder than you’d think. First of all, there are about a million sauces to buy and veggies to chop. Second of all, rice is next to impossible to make without a rice cooker. And third of all, restaurant quality shabu shabu broth is tricky to get just right. All of that being said, it was fun to try something new and to have an occasion for SAKE!

Here are the recipes and pics from the night:

Crab Rangoons These were a huge hit.

The only thing I would change is a to add a little more cream cheese. mmmmm cheeeeese.

Fried Rice
Buy a rice cooker if you don’t already have one.

Miso Salad Mneh. Pretty good, but nothing crazy.

Shabu Shabu
I think maybe the “gluten balls” were a joke? They certainly were hilarious at our table! “You done with your balls yet?” teehee


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