Foodie Food Diary

I bring you a guest blog spot today!

Kat’s day in the life of a “foodie.”

SO you know, I woke up this morning, and I was so excited to find a new box of calcium supplements on my doorstep! Apparently the South Americans have been ingesting crushed lemur bones for years to make sure they’re getting the right minerals and I know I’ve been working really hard to find a natural way to fight osteoperosis at the age of 25.

Supplement problem solved!

Naturally I made a smoothie for breakfast with every vegetable I had in my kitchen. And some carob chips, just to you know, pretend that I can hide the flavor of the green. I used two scoops of the lemur bones and I was really impressed. There was only a slightly chalky aftertaste, but nothing that really overpowered the taste of the rest of the smoothie. Because I eat more calories in a day than the rest of you, I threw a couple spoonfuls of granola on top of the whole shebang too, just to make sure that I could eat as nutrient-dense of a morning-meal as possible.

Then I went to work, where I spend the majority of my day taking pictures of shit instead of actually doing it and bitching about the book deal I have and can’t find the time to write for, even though I spend

I was totally NOT hungry, but I needed to eat lunch. So, instead of eating a normal meal, I had some greek yogurt, topped with pumpkin butter, a couple of spoonfulls of almond butter (Read: 200-300 calories worth of nut butter) and I drizzled the shit out of it with Agave! I just love that stuff even though no other culture that traditionally incorporates agave into their meals consumes it in the vast quantities that we do. But I’m sure it’s totally healthy.

After work I ate a granola bar, that I made myself. No big deal. That’s only 450 calories of granola on the day.

But I needed something to hold me over because I was going for a nine mile run and then doing an hour of hot yoga before dinner!

For dinner, I had a Pom Spritzer (Pom and Sprite!), and my husband made us dinner! We did a raw food night where he whipped up a cubed-tofu salad with vinaigrette, mushrooms and kale and some sprouted rolls. **Insert picture of roll that looks like a dog-turd here**. I love him so much.

For dessert, I toasted a sandwich thin, spread it with peanut butter and sprinkled it with all-natural, organic, fair trade, vegan chocolate chips! Delish!
Perhaps next I could mix lemur bones, almond butter, flax, and chia seeds into a nummy cookie log! I’m also planning on making homemade all-organic fair trade and vegan dog treats for Max! isn’t he like the most adorable lhasa apso ever?!?

And naturally, because a giveaway is so necessary for you, readers. I have another jar of Lemur Bones! Just comment on how you think that they would improve your calcium needs! Let me tell you, they’re just fantastic. I’ll pick one lucky winner tomorrow!

See you all tomorrow! It’s going to be a big day!


2 thoughts on “Foodie Food Diary

  1. you are one crazy chica, love you! Lemur bones, really? That's just a bit on the disturbing side. A 9 mile run AND hot yoga? I am impressed. I want to get a membership to do hot yoga this summer. Where do you go, Core Power? You make your own granola bars? Wow, I have been on a cooking stint this past week with Pumpkin. Pumpkin is seriously a GREAT ingredient, look into it.

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