Not-so-noticeably Absent

Where the hell have I been? Dogsitting for 6 days at my parent’s house, where wireless internet is a thing of the future and snuggling with my puppy is priority numero uno.
My little pup is a 13 year old shipoo (shitzu-toy poodle combo) named Tux.

When we picked her out she was nipping at my nose while her sister snoozed peacefully in my lap. She definitely wasn’t my first choice, nor did she grow on me quickly. I remember wailing to my mom, “Tux is taking my place in the family!!!!” …and with her royal treatment, it’s kinda true.
But she is an old maid now and we have both put our differences aside. She is my little snugglepuff of joy!

Mon petit chien has Cushing’s disease…basically a brain tumor that is causing her to get real old real fast. Can’t see, can’t hear, and is piddling all around the house. Not good signs for a dog. I had so much fun with her last week! ❤ M


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