Week 2 of the Grocery Challenge

Well, the previous post regarding the Grocery Challenge was actually a delayed post of my grocery experience. Now I write to you two days after my latest adventure.

I will give myself 3/5 stars for my savings. The effort was really there, but the follow-through lacked an oopmf factor. The results?

Total bill= $58

Total savings= $26

I used 4 coupons (on double coupon day), which if you recall, is 3 more than last time.

I made my list and then cut coupons accordingly. I changed some of my produce options based on what was on sale. Then I headed over to Rainbow on double coupon day and really studied the deals before I put each item in my cart. I still bought a few things that weren’t on my list, but I avoided brand names and going overboard on meats and cheeses.

One thing my coupon lady suggests is getting familiar with prices and figure out when a price is rock bottom, then stock up. Deodorant and shampoo were rock bottom, so I got several! She also pointed out that there is a dollar section in the far corner…I had no idea. Grapes and onions were also rock bottom…we’ll see how fast that 3 lb. bag of onions goes haha!

Until 2 weeks, there’s your Grocery Store Challenge!



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