Grocery Challenge

So, my friend Tenaciously Yours, does a weekly grocery challenge where she spends $20-$30 a week on food. I was completely inspired by this and decided to do a challenge of my own.

Last week I took a lesson from Crazyass Coupon Lady and cut coupons, went to Rainbow on double coupon day, and shopped the sales. These were my intentions anyway. As I walked down the isles, I kept thinking how much better the pricey raspberries looked than the sale-price cucumbers. After twenty of these decisions, I ended up using one coupon. One sad and pathetic $0.40 off of yogurt coupon.

My overall grocery bill=$76.00. That price is for two-weeks worth of food, but still!

This week, I am bringing my grocery list to a real coupon lady and having her help me with the coupons. Wednesday I attempt to do the grocery challenge and I’ll keep you posted.



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