Valentime’s Come Early?

For the first time I have a beau that wants to be my valentine and take me someplace romantical on that special February day! I have always had a secret love for V-day, despite the rational part of me that hates hallmark holidays and googly-eyed hand-holding lovebirds. I just can’t hate on a holiday dedicated to love, chocolate, and WINE! If Charles Shaw had a mustard-stained fat toddler with an IQ below 70, it would be Valentine’s Day…what’s not lovable about that?!

I posted about this very subject on Yelp! in order to get to the bottom of what lovers typically do on Feb. 14th. Come to find out, my fellow yelpers are much more clever than the average Joe. One brilliant woman discovered that White Castle (not to be drunkenly mistaken with “The Palace”) turns into a 5-star dining establishment for the occasion, complete with 5 star tablecloths, 5 star service, and sliders abound!

Little did I know, you can’t even make reservations at 80% of restaurants past January 1st for V-day! Pre yelp post, I snagged the first reservation I could at Lucia’s in Uptown. I also took the advice of another yelper and made an appointment for a couple’s massage. What does that entail? No idea, but it sounds awfully saucy.

I have to admit that a little (or big) part of me wants to cancel my reservation and go all out for those one-bite burgers from a little place I like to call “The Palace”…oh wait, don’t call it that…you’ll end up puking outside of a crappy dive bar in Northeast and there will be no sliders in your tummy to soak up the booze.

Happy Pre-Holiday Bliss Everyone!!!!



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