More Wisdom Teeth Adventures…

This week in television, cinema, and general good times…

I participated in a 5movielong movie marathon this weekend.
The rundown?
Emperor’s New Groove-hilarious animated flick
The Pacifier-a not-so-hilarious Vin D. flick. not so surprising
Usual Suspects-KEYSER SOZE!!!
Hitch-Will Smith gets his groove on…hot
Definitely, Maybe-meh.

I also participated in a daylong A&E television marathon. I discovered that there is no better way to celebrate Martin Luther King than to honor him through watching the struggles of triflin’ meth heads and food hoarders. Janet (alcoholic mother of 5) had a real rough going of her intervention, but after several alcohol-withdrawal seizures and 90 days in rehab, she only drinks occasionally now. Yay!

That’s all for now. Back to the percocet…



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